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We pride ourselves on that fact that we treat each boarder as they are our own, and treat them with the individual care and attention they are used to having at home. 

Each kennel measures 2m x 5m and has an indoor/outdoor run with raised sleeping area which is heated during the winter months, our kennels are also very well insulated with a high ceiling and large fans keeping the building aerated and cool during the summer. Every kennel leads directly out onto a secure large garden area, where the dogs go out in small groups to socialise or exercised solely with staff depending on their temperament and requirements of their owner, we have plenty of balls and other safe toys to keep your doggies entertained during play times. 
We like to establish a routine with our boarders, our normal daily routine is, early morning, dogs are let out individually into one of the three large gardens whilst we thoroughly clean their kennel, shake out their bedding (or renew if necessary) and replace drinking bowl with fresh water.   After all the kennels have been cleaned, the dogs go out for a second run around, this time in small groups or individually, after, your pet will return to their kennel and have a tasty snack, something the owner has provided or has asked for, or some of our tasty homemade biscuits. The dogs then settle down for an afternoon nap (we like to leave the radio on low during nap time to make the dogs feel more comfortable and secure) Later on in the day the dogs are let out again in the gardens for Funtime! This is when we play with the dogs, take them for a walk in our Dog Park, brush and groom them or just give them lots of cuddles and tummy rubs, all depending on what is your dogs favourite thing to do. After a good appetite has been worked up, your doggie will settle down for dinnertime, dinner is usually served just before dusk, and consists of quality brand of dry food and we also like to add a few spoonfuls of quality wet food (canned food) so they enjoy their meal that much more!   A little treat is given to all doggies just before lights out and sleep time.  
The little extras we do for you and your doggies:
During most stays we like to take a video and a few pictures to show you how your dog is getting along and what they get upto during their stay with us, this is great for owners, especially when leaving your dog for the first time. All dogs get homemade treats during the day (liver, carrot, apple and oat biscuits) During the summer months we get out the doggie pools!!  We have two types to suit all dog sizes, and most of the dogs enjoy splashing around and keeping cool in them. For dogs that really feel the heat in the summer we can provide a small private pool to place within their individual kennel, so they can use at their leisure. For safety reasons, the water in the pool will be very shallow, please feel free to contact us for further information, we are happy to discuss all your pets needs and requirements.


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